Scope And Responsibilities of Sub-committees


That the Dayak Cultural Foundation through the Education Committee will continue:

  1. To identify outstanding students with a CGPA of 4.0 in their STPM examination or it’s equivalent to be considered for full scholarship award to pursue their tertiary education in either local or foreign institutions of higher learning.
  2. To provide financial assistance to needy students admitted to Universities towards the payment of their initial registration expenses prior to receiving assistance from the State or Federal Government in the form of PTPTN, MARA or any others.


The scope and responsibilities of Performing Arts Committee are:

  1. To advise the DCF Board of Trustees in all matters pertaining to performing arts and other cultural needs of the Dayak community.
  2. To increase the visibility and prominence of the DCF in promoting Dayak Performing Arts.
  3. To contribute to discussions regarding the DCF’s priorities for arts and cultural development for the community.
  4. To promote and eventually to create the DCF as the authority and “centre for reference” on matters pertaining to Dayak Performing Arts in Sarawak.
  5. To facilitate communication between the Dayak community and DCF in arts and cultural related matters.
  6. To continually improve the DCF Cultural Troupe to become a leading Dayak Cultural Troupe in Malaysia.
  7. To partner and collaborate with other government and private agencies, cultural centres and institutes, Dayak based organizations in promoting Dayak performing arts.
  8. To host the signature event to showcase  multiple forms of Dayak art and entertainment.
  9. To organize workshop, training, siminar and forum on performing arts for various Dayak ethnic groups as ways to sustain and to revitalize interests in Performing Arts.
  10. To propose general guidelines in order to safeguard the quality and authenticity of Dayaks’ performing arts.
  11. To promote synergy between performing artists, performing arts professionals and the community through engagement and organizing outreach programs beyond Kuching.
  12. To promote a cordial relationship with the media on any matters related to Dayak Performing Arts.


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