Organization Structure


The Foundation’s daily operation and management is under its Managing Trustee, Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Datuk Amar Leonard Linggi Jugah. The key officers are:

   1.      Stanley Lingoh Gara Finance and Property Manager
   2.      Bibiana Motey Senang Administrative Officer
   3.      Y.Bhg. Datin Senorita Linang Manager (Performing Arts)
   4.      Branat Protasy Cultural Officer (Research)
   5.      Mela Berangka Sr. Account Executive
   6.      Evelyn Marshall Lunsong Sr. Administrative Assistant
   7.      Pollin Arah Administrative Assistant
   8.      Helena Matthew Karot Choreographer
   9.      Arun Huvat Assistant Choreographer
10.       Hamid Dakin Instructor
11.       Kenelm Bidi Ethnic Orchestra

DCF Performing Arts Troupe


  • To promote, revive and preserve the authenticity of the Traditional Music and Dances of various ethnics in particular the Iban, Bidayuh and orang Ulu Communities in their original forms and styles.
  • To generate/create interest and awareness in our Sarawak Cultural Heritage in maintaining their own identities.
  • To instill in the minds of our community that Traditional Music and Dances are part and parcel of our way of life.
  • To encourage our younger generation to appreciate the traditional values of our Music and Dances.
  • Not only to preserve the Dayak Traditional Dances and Music but to contribute in preserving it in the context of National Culture as a whole within Malaysia.